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Tanya Kingston

Gyrocom Host Successful VMware NSX Lunch and Learn Event

by Tanya Kingston

on Feb 16, 2015 11:51:00 AM

Gyrocom’s January VMware NSX Lunch and Learn 2015, hosted in London’s Blue Fin Building, was a huge success and attracted an enthusiastic audience keen to learn about the benefits of NSX's network virtualisation along with Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Security.

Lunch & Learn VMware NSX Full House


After a brief caffeine fuel-up, the day kicked off by discussing the Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) and the benefits of having your intelligence stored in the virtualisation layer VS in vendor lock in hardware. Dan Watson - a VMware system engineer- explored the network challenges caused by server virtualisation, and the transformational benefits network virtualisation can bring to an operational SDDC.

As Dan dove deeper in NSX’s capabilities, it became clear that agility of service deployment was the stand out topic of the day. The fact that NSX could bring quick and easy deployment to large organisations, without going through today’s inevitable change control delays, was a real eye opener.

It appeared there wasn’t an architect in the room that wouldn’t happily say goodbye to their traditional 1 – 3 month infrastructure set up time, as they learnt how using NSX could mean the exact same infrastructure would be up and running within hours. Change control delays and downtime were also welcome ‘problems of the past’ as NSX explored rapid prototyping, allowing users to test issues in a live replica environment which they could spin up in minutes with no risk to uptime.

Gyrocom had their NSX technical experts on hand throughout the day, ready to discuss design consultations and proof of concepts. As one of the first UK VMware Partners to have achieved the Network Virtualisation Competency, Gyrocom’s NSX experts were able to share their valuable experience on existing NSX builds.

After lunch, Ed Maunders- a system engineer from Palo Alto Networks - took to the floor to explore securing the SDDC through next-generation firewalling. The room appeared in unanimous agreement that perimeter-centric network security has proved cumbersome when looking at East-West Traffic, and was keen to understand how levering a SDDC approach could enable micro-segmentation and hypervisor kernel based firewalling.

Ed demonstrated Palo’s seamless integration with NSX and explored the security benefits of deploying mico-segmentation with zero trust principles and layer 4-7 inspection, where virtual machines and data are isolated by policy and users are only granted access based on actual need.

Despite the majority of the audience at this event being architects and IT managers and not specifically in “security” roles, micro-segmentation’s unique heightened security benefits kept everyone wanting to learn more. Palo’s existing customers in the room were pleased to hear that both their existing physical firewalls as well as their potential virtual NSX firewalls could all be managed from their single panorama server, whilst attendees appreciated the operational benefits of platform-based automation, allowing you to not only automate the adding, moving, or deleting of workloads, but also to accurately track firewall policies as they follow these changes.

After a demonstration of each platform, an array of interesting questions and a quick beer for the road, everyone headed back to the office to share the benefits of the foundational technology to the Software Defined Data Centre.

To discover how the Software Defined Data Centre can accelerate your business, or to sign up to our next VMware NSX Lunch and Learn event click here, or contact Tanya at tanya.kingston@gyrocom.co.uk.


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