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Andrew Ferguson

A flying start to 2015: VMware NSX Advance Boot Camp

by Andrew Ferguson

on Feb 27, 2015 3:43:00 PM

2015 got off to a great start as Gyrocom announced I would be jetting off to San Francisco, provided I pulled my finger out and passed the VMware VCP-NV exam! The VCP-NV is VMware’s new professional level qualification in Network Virtualisation, or, as it’s better known ‘VMware NSX’. Armed with fuel for thought, I knuckled down and ensured I was the latest member of the Gyrocom team to pass with flying colours… and off I flew!

VMWare Advanced TrainingSan Francisco is the home of VMware’s Partner Exchange #Pex2015, an annual event for all things VMware. Hot topics of the year - NSX and OpenStack - meant there was a real buzz about town and #TeamGyrocom couldn’t wait to be a part of it! We were off to attend ‘NSX Advance Boot Camp’, a three day event designed to share advanced information on NSX and VMware’s integrated products.

The boot camp hosted a select number of global partners who are leading the charge in NSX. Most attendees were from North America, with Gyrocom proudly representing the majority of the European audience. We felt in a very privileged position to be there and VMware certainly didn’t disappoint, pulling out all the stops to ensure that we understood all things NSX. The course covered: advanced design; troubleshooting; automation and integration with the rest of VMware’s product suite. Since the acquisition of Nicera by VMware in 2012, VMware has certainly done an amazing job of evolving Martin Casado’s vision into an industry leading network virtualisation platform.

It was impressive to see how VMware has now integrated NSX into their product suites such as vRealize Operations Manager, Automation and Log Insight. Each informative session was hosted by a VMware Product Manager which provided a superb opportunity to actually talk to the people developing the products rather than a “professional trainer” reading off information in a parrot fashion. The most interesting sections for me covered advanced design and troubleshooting.  I felt I could put this knowledge straight to use and knew it would be very powerful in assisting our current and future NSX customers.

We had the additional pleasure of meeting a host of VMware’s Board Directors, including Martin Casado and VMware’s CEO - Pat Gelsinger.  Both delivered inspirational speeches about their vision for NSX moving forward, with the room sharing in the foresight that network virtualisation will represent the data centre norm. Just as ESX went from being a cutting edge product to the de facto standard for running servers; NSX is set to transform data centre networks! The benefits NSX brings to security, speed of deployment and scalability really has to be seen to be believed.

To learn more about the future of networking, or request further information on our NSX consultancy services, please contact info@gyrocom.co.uk or call 08456 123 994.


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