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David Hamlyn

What's holding back University IT Departments?

by David Hamlyn

on 06-Oct-2014 10:01:34

The only constant in today’s world is change.  Within the workplace people move up or out and skill-sets become obsolete, particularly so in our industry. These are things that can’t be controlled but being able to adapt to them is crucial. When you think of your IT infrastructure, especially when it’s stretched, are you certain that the bits holding it all together are robust enough to cope? If skill-sets are constantly changing, understanding the limitations of your ‘thin red line’ and how far it can stretch without breaking is critical.

University IT departments have a unique problem in that their ‘customers’ are at the forefront of new technology and are a demanding tech-savvy bunch. On top of that university marketing departments are using IT service delivery as a differentiator when trying to attract new students. These students are arriving with certain expectations that have to be met.  At the same time they bring with them a whole host of next generation gadgets, applications and problems that university IT departments are expected to support. 

Now virtualisation is hardly the newest topic on the block but having the ability to effectively manage your virtual infrastructure would go a long way in helping you become the enabler you are expected to be. If your virtual environment is ticking along with the minimum of human intervention and has an ability for self-healing in a completely automated way, staff could be freed up to tackle more complex issues or getting updated on the next big thing.

VMTurbo is an effective virtual environment management tool that looks at finding the perfect balance between your application performance and infrastructure utilisation. Through a combination of pre-set policies and the ability of the software to learn your virtual environment, VMTurbo builds a picture of what your university IT requirements are. It then pinpoints the ideal state your virtual infrastructure should be continuously operating in in order to deliver on those requirements.

Once your ideal state has been created, VMTurbo will continue to monitor it and will provide continuous recommendations in order to keep it there. These recommendations can either be manually implemented by you or left to VMTurbo to do it automatically. Because VMTurbo manages the distribution of resources it will never recommend the movement of resources that could affect the identified ideal operating state of the environment.  A holistic approach is always taken when any changes are recommended.  These continuous, small changes enforces the concept that its better to maintain than to fix - a concept on which VMTurbo has been built.

The final piece of the VMTurbo magic is that once you have your ideal state, VMTurbo allows you to plan for future environments and what they could possibly look like. Because you have that reference point or ideal state as a starting point, you can understand the impact and cost of any future IT projects on your current infrastructure before a single VM has been spun up. Like any journey from A – B you need the A to start.

So what are the benefits? How does VMTurbo make my life easier? Well as you start handing more and more of the day-to-day maintenance of your virtual environment to VMTurbo you can release staff for further training to start filling in those skill shortages. You could create that research and development department you have always wanted.  If university marketing departments are going to advertise your abilities, you may as well give them something to really shout about. VMTurbo allows you to free up the time and space to get to grips with the constant changing world that is the IT industry and to actively contribute to the success of your university.

So what’s holding you back? Enquire about your free proof of value now and be one of the many VMTurbo Customers experiencing real value in just 30 days!

If you are interested in a VMTurbo demonstration or have any questions regarding virtual environment management for universities, please don’t hesitate in contacting us through the Gyrocom website at www.gyrocom.co.uk or on 08456 123 994.

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