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Chris Thornton

VMTurbo: more than "just another tool"?

by Chris Thornton

on 11-Sep-2014 12:22:00

There are lots of ‘tools’ out there that will advertise cost savings and the ability to increase productivity, which all sounds very nice, but in reality do they live up to those expectations?

In the pre-virtualisation world, the environment was static – a single server with a single operating system running a single application. Nowadays with virtualisation there is increased complexity and the management tools used in the pre-virtualisation world are not up to the task.

What makes VMTurbo different?

VMTurbo works by taking a holistic view of the virtual environment allowing it to make real time recommendations to maximize efficiency and performance.

The ability to balance performance and efficiency in your virtual environment may have seemed like an impossible task as the environment changes too quickly – by the time you’ve worked out what was wrong the information you have would be out of date.

VMTurbo achieves this state of equilibrium by using the ideology of a buyers and a sellers market with compute as the commodity (memory, CPU, I/O, etc.). VMTurbo then uses the market to drive automated intelligent decisions.  Sellers continuously update the price of the resource based upon the utilisation and buyers shop for the best deal for what the VM’s consume.

With this in place VMTurbo is able to keep the virtual environment running at the desired state, preventing bottlenecks and maximizing efficiency. Once you are comfortable with the software, the recommendations produced can even be automated and this in turn will maximize the productivity of your team as they can focus their attention elsewhere.

Beyond this, VMTurbo’s ability to take a holistic view of the environment enables it to capacity plan exceptionally well.  This part of VMTurbo is also based on the economic engine.  VMTurbo can even let you take this a step further and create “what if” scenarios against your environment.  This could help you plan for a hardware refresh, increasing your VM estate or simply planning for natural growth.

With this in mind VMTurbo state that their customers are seeing an ROI with in as little as 90 days helped by increasing the utilisation of the physical host to about 70% or more regardless of what hardware, storage or hypervisor you use.

So is VMTubo "just another tool"?

So to conclude: is VMTurbo just another tool? In my opinion, absolutely not. Whilst other ‘tools’ fight the symptoms of a disease VMTurbo is proactively managing the health of the virtual environment so you don’t get the disease in the first place. The ‘symptoms’ you’re used to seeing are a thing of the past, replaced with the peace of mind that your server infrastructure is finally working well.

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