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VMTurbo Blog

David Hamlyn

Are we chasing today's virtual problems with yesterdays tools?

by David Hamlyn

on 10-Oct-2014 10:19:28

At the time of its conception, virtualisation was deemed to be the next logical step in the continuous evolution of networking. Networks would be smaller, faster and more intelligent. Physical assets would at last be used to their full potential with a more intelligent approach to networking. But has the theory really fitted in with reality? As the new technology has bedded in, traditional approaches to infrastructure operations management are simply incapable of keeping pace with the dynamic nature of today’s virtual environments. 

If the era of the physical environment could be defined as one of inefficiency, how will the virtual environments of today be defined? Will we have learnt from our mistakes and moved onto highly efficient virtual environments or will we be standing at the edge of a virtual abyss dealing with similar problems? With virtualisation it was typical to see 80% of a company’s time spent identifying the root cause of a problem and 20% spent fixing it.  These stats can’t be replicated in today’s virtual environments. It is vital that the virtualisation management tools of today help administrators steer clear of the pitfalls of the past.

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Topics: automation, virtualisation monitoring tools, virtualisation efficiency, virtualisation management

David Hamlyn

What's holding back University IT Departments?

by David Hamlyn

on 06-Oct-2014 10:01:34

The only constant in today’s world is change.  Within the workplace people move up or out and skill-sets become obsolete, particularly so in our industry. These are things that can’t be controlled but being able to adapt to them is crucial. When you think of your IT infrastructure, especially when it’s stretched, are you certain that the bits holding it all together are robust enough to cope? If skill-sets are constantly changing, understanding the limitations of your ‘thin red line’ and how far it can stretch without breaking is critical.

University IT departments have a unique problem in that their ‘customers’ are at the forefront of new technology and are a demanding tech-savvy bunch. On top of that university marketing departments are using IT service delivery as a differentiator when trying to attract new students. These students are arriving with certain expectations that have to be met.  At the same time they bring with them a whole host of next generation gadgets, applications and problems that university IT departments are expected to support. 

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Topics: virtualisation monitoring tools, VMTurbo, IT efficiency, virtualisation management, Universities

Chris Thornton

VMTurbo: more than "just another tool"?

by Chris Thornton

on 11-Sep-2014 12:22:00

There are lots of ‘tools’ out there that will advertise cost savings and the ability to increase productivity, which all sounds very nice, but in reality do they live up to those expectations?

In the pre-virtualisation world, the environment was static – a single server with a single operating system running a single application. Nowadays with virtualisation there is increased complexity and the management tools used in the pre-virtualisation world are not up to the task.

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Topics: virtualisation monitoring tools, virtualisation efficiency, VMTurbo, virtualisation