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build & manage a better WAN

Gyrocom, experts in the software defined enterprise has launched an SD-WAN subscription based managed service; developed specifically to help Enterprises improve their networks.

it's time to consider an SD-WAN solution
drive better application performance 

As enterprise applications migrate from the corporate data centre to the cloud, network professionals are quickly realising that traditional Wide Area Networks were not architected for such dynamic, internet based environments. In the quest for flawless access to business applications, many customers are now augmenting or even replacing legacy technologies such as MPLS with cheaper and better-performing broadband-based WANs.

The network is virtualised so it allows you to take advantage of any data connection available. You can mix and match the service providers of your choice into a logically defined, fully resilient WAN environment.


Utilise all available bandwidth (no active/standby) to optimise application traffic to its required destination. Avoid the latency inherent in legacy architectures by dynamically avoiding inefficient data paths as network conditions change in real time.


Quickly implemented with Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP). Sites can be up and running in hours and you can reduce the impact of poor lead times from network service providers.


The SD-WAN overlay enables 3rd party services such as advanced security, WAN optimisation and internet gateways to be leveraged without the requirement for additional hardware in the branch.

visibility and control

Full visibility into the applications running across the WAN. Define application SLA's based on the services that are essential to you and your business.


As reliable and secure as a private line. Advanced security policies can be applied on a per-application basis.


Traffic can be dynamically redirected to survive path failure, enabling the business to define Application Service Level Agreements (SLA's).


Avoid costly MPLS upgrades and leverage the economics of commoditised connectivity.

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why 92% of enterprises plan to shift to SD-WAN

Leading SD-WAN technology provider - Silver Peak - recently released an IDG Connect report revealing why the majority of enterprise companies expect to implement SD-WAN within the next 12 months.

Read the Report Here

how it works

SD-WAN is the next generation of Wide Area Network delivery. It provides the same security and reliability of private line network networks (e.g. MPLS) while also allowing organisations to leverage the economics of commoditised connectivity (e.g. broadband, cable, 4G LTE). The underlying physical connectivity is abstracted in software to produce a single logical overlay network. Management and data planes are separated to enable more automation, intelligent routing of traffic based on underlying network conditions and the ability to avoid inefficient routing paths to SaaS applications (no requirement to backhaul to the data centre). 

get started today with Gyrocom

Gyrocom are experts in the Software Defined Enterprise, building cloud-enabled networks for the modern organisation. Our SD-WAN service is a low-effort-high-impact solution that improves your network (irrespective of the underlying provider) and empowers you with the visibility and control you’ve always wanted, yet couldn’t have from your service provider.

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building a virtual WAN with Silver Peak

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the use cases

WAN bandwidth upgrades Augment existing MPLS networks with lower cost, high bandwidth broadband – Hybrid WAN.
accelerated WAN provisioning Use broadband or 4G LTE connections to provide accelerated integration into the corporate WAN when service provider lead times for MPLS circuits are prohibitive.
WAN segmentation & security Define multiple “Business Intent Policies” to logically segment differing traffic profiles. Differing QoS policies can be applied to each individual Business Intent Policy.
connectivity to cloud based applications As organisations move increasingly to SaaS applications SD-WAN can help optimise and control the traffic paths of corporate users when accessing well known SaaS applications.
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Gyrocom are experts in the Software Defined Enterprise and have a wealth of experience helping organisations leverage Software Defined solutions.

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