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cloud enabled networks

any cloud. any connection.

the foundation of a cloud enabled network
a platform for business agility & competitive advantage for the software defined enterprise

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In a cloud-enabled world, network infrastructure cannot be be limited by hardware-centric technology or considered in isolation. To remain competitive in today's digitally driven landscape, organisations require a wider choice of technology options and a dynamic, software-defined network.  

Gyrocom's Cloud Enabled Network incorporates software-defined technology and addresses the data centre, the public cloud and the WAN. It is a framework for the next generation of corporate networks and a platform for business agility:


Deliver fully automated infrastructure that enables the easy movement of applications across the infrastructure

competitive advantage

Deliver instant IT solutions that give business units what they need, when they need it, without compromising company-wide initiatives 


Ensure running costs are kept low and operational complexity is avoided


Have complete service provider choice with no forced allegiance to a single incumbent

visibility and control

Have ultimate real-time and historic visibility of what is going on in the network


Deliver the highest level of network security over WAN, LAN and in the cloud


Direct traffic via the most efficient route without compromising security (including applications in the public cloud) and deliver sufficient bandwidth reliably and economically


Have the choice of preferred execution venue for each of your applications (public cloud and corporate data centre)

discover how to future proof your network

The worldwide impact of digital transformation is leading to an unprecedented explosion in the total number of enterprise applications, with many now being deployed in the cloud. To leverage the public cloud, organisations need a network environment that is fully automated and supports application mobility. 

Discover how a Cloud-Enabled Network can guarantee application performance and provide a consistent and secure infrastructure across any execution venue (corporate data centre or public cloud), using any connectivity (MPLS, Broadband, 4GLTE).

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