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Darren Ashcroft

Why Neymar should have gone to VMworld!

by Darren Ashcroft

on Sep 19, 2017 10:31:54 AM

There are many reasons why I enjoy going to VMworld Europe in Barcelona and this year was no exception: the weather was warm and sunny; I discovered new gems like a quaint tapas bar hidden down the side streets of the Old Town; wound down post-conference with a glass of Rioja in a beautiful plaza surrounding Las Ramblas; watched a football match at the incomparable Camp Nou alongside the excitable locals; sang along at the Kaiser Chiefs' roof-lifting finale, and rocked the Veeam party of course!
However, what I also like is to do is take the time to soak up the new ideas, new technologies, and industry trends that are currently occupying the minds of some of the IT industry's experts and visionaries. Then mull this information over with colleagues, customers, and peers to frame how and when these could translate into your own business plan and strategy. 
This year's event itself was focussed on 'any device', 'any application', 'any cloud', and those associated technologies and how these could help to simplify and unify your data centre infrastructure strategy bearing in mind the current proliferation of cloud, platform and application development options. We saw Pat Gelsinger demonstrate, using VR, a futuristic vision of how we could (quite literally) throw workloads up into the cloud and then see them automatically transfer based on the conditions (eg. cost, performance, proximity to SaaS services) and decide where the best location should be at that time using VMWare Cloud, be that Private Cloud, AWS, IBM or other. We were told how new thinking with regards to application security is required to combat the ever-growing and ever-developing Cyber threats. One of my personal areas to give further thought to is the Zero Trust model and how this can be implemented both in the data centre and beyond using the power of NSX, VMware Cloud and 3rd party integration. 
Which moves me quite nicely onto Neymar... when you think how much money was spent, the complexity, the posturing and the sheer amount of effort that was involved in him transferring from Barcelona to Paris, it got me thinking that surely this would have been much more efficient if you could have just 'thrown' him from one location to the other using VMware Cloud. Surely he's playing the same game but just with a different team. And who knows, if conditions (eg. wages, shopping, girlfriend) were to change then he could end up transferring automatically to Man City or even back to Barcelona as if he'd never been away!
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