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Steve McGarry

VMware VS Canonical - Which Openstack is for You? A Technical Comparison

by Steve McGarry

on Oct 5, 2015 10:20:00 AM

For anybody that has been following the Openstack project since its inception back in 2010, it has become evident that the community interest has gained significant momentum recently. This is down to a number of reasons such as the product maturity reaching a point where the original mission statements of the project are now a reality in providing an established, viable and effective solution. Also the number and variety of organisations contributing and backing the project, has improved the quality and depth of development and its evolution. A colleague and I attended the Openstack summit in Paris where it was clear Openstack in gaining more and more interest, with attendees listed as increasing by 75% over the last 3 summits with people from all over the world attending.

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Topics: automation, enterprise IT, VMWare, canonical, openstack

Graham Brown

If you could re-do your data centre tomorrow, what would you do?

by Graham Brown

on Aug 28, 2014 10:40:13 AM

This is a question I spend a lot of time thinking about. My role allows me to see at first hand the challenges that our clients are facing, and in the main it is easy to see why a major by-product of our industry is grey hair. The data centre is the heart of corporate IT and today it represents a very complicated and confused animal. It needs constant care and attention and will bite you if you not very careful. It all comes down to our ability to manage complexity and herein lies a very important question: 

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Topics: data centre, converged infrastructure, automation, software defined,