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Amine Bouziane

Working with Gyrocom: a new starter perspective

by Amine Bouziane

on Aug 19, 2014 11:55:00 AM

Amine Bouziane joined Gyrocom as a support engineer in June 2014. Here he gives insight to his first two months on the job.

What was your first impression of Gyrocom? 

I joined the Gyrocom brain force as a Support Engineer in early June, and from day one I was fascinated with the dynamic of this organisation. The passion and commitment that Gyrocom has is enabling them to deliver cutting edge technology with a solid understanding of the previous technological legacies, and this is reflected in the multiple services that Gyrocom provides through their consultancy around many places on the globe. Early responsibility – begins the day you’re hired, whether you’re working in the main office or onsite representing the company, every day will be different, bringing its own interesting challenges.

Talk to us about your background and how it has helped you in Gyrocom? 

I don’t have a traditional IT background; I came from a background in Engineering where I was exposed to different aspects of industry from Petrochemistry and Refining to Mechanical Engineering in which IT and communication technologies are vital and the most advanced. My IT journey has different flavours ranging from normal support to working on projects where we set Human Machine Interfaces for the Distributed Control System (HMI, DCS), programming scientific calculators, three dimensional simulation and heat transfer mathematical modelling of microprocessors and motherboards and three dimensional simulations of rheological complex fluids.

Gyrocom's passion for excellence is deeply reflected in its working environment, hence the intense training assigned to me since day one. I believe the solid technical background I have, has helped me get through it and made the differentiating value that I bring to the job.

What kind of training have you received, and what is it like working for Gyrocom?

Gyrocom as a consulting business is dynamic and offers many challenges and definitely great autonomy, their main assets and strengths are their people. Part of the work is academically stimulating, I met exceptional managers and experts from whom I am getting all the support I need to enable me to stay up to date with all the latest advancements in a fast changing industry.

As Gyrocom is providing next generation technologies, different ongoing training experiences are offered, some are traditional, some are new and some are a combination of both, for example: DNS/DHCP, networking, virtualisation, puppet labs and Software Define Networking. Gyrocom has a culture in which creativity, global thinking and teamwork flourish.

Is there anything else you would like to add for people considering joining Gyrocom?

In the world we live in, all our decisions, small they are or big, have an impinging effect on our lives, and now, my first month has left and my second month is fading, when looking back at all the choices and sacrifices I made to be here at Gyrocom, all I can say is that I am eagerly anticipating month three, four, five and the rest to come.

If you are interested in joining the Gyrocom community please contact us at info@gyrocom.co.uk



Topics: Network Support, Engineering