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Alistair Slocombe

House of Digital Retail Optimism and how Store Infrastructure is evolving

by Alistair Slocombe

on Oct 10, 2018 1:38:00 PM

One could be forgiven for thinking that the struggles in retail continue especially as Apple was the first company ever to hit the fabled trillion dollar valuation.

This is compounded with the news that SportsDirect and Mike Ashley have launched an uncertain rescue mission with the acquisition House of Fraser (founded in 1849, 59 stores and 17,500 direct & concession employees), for the equivalent amount of a 23 year old, relatively unknown goalkeeper (artistic license here, HoF acquired for £90m, Kepa was acquired by Chelsea for £72m).

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Graham Brown

Software Defined “X”: Industry hype or major step forward?

by Graham Brown

on Mar 8, 2018 12:15:28 PM

 As IT professionals working within Large Enterprise environments and Data Centres we are constantly bombarded with new industry terminology. This can sometimes be a way of grouping similar concepts and approaches but when terminology takes hold then we are often guilty of “washing” every approach with the same detergent (so to speak). “Cloud” has probably been the most recent prevalent example of this but now we are increasingly met with the world of “Software Defined”. Software Defined Data Centre, Software Defined Networks, Software Defined Storage and Software Defined WAN – essentially insert your own word and hey presto it’s now Software Defined.

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Topics: SDN, SDDC, software defined data centre, Software Defined Network, Software-Defined Enterprise

Graham Brown

Taking the handbrake off innovation - networks fit for business

by Graham Brown

on Feb 22, 2018 2:46:54 PM

Rewind 30 years, the 1980s - an era of terrible fashion, big hair but the start of organisations embracing technology driven by the desire for connectivity to the distributed estate, linking offices, branches, and retail outlets adopting point-of-sale systems. It was a time of low bandwidth requiring high security to protect the passing of sensitive information to and from the data centre; initially deployed over the network by X.25, then ISDN, with things really starting to gather pace with the evolution of MPLS.

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Topics: SDN, SD-WAN, Software Defined Network, Software-Defined Enterprise, Networks

Ryan Coombes

Why outsourcing needs a warm body and the customer is king

by Ryan Coombes

on Jan 4, 2018 11:27:19 AM

- Ryan Coombes, Gyrocom’s Technical Director talking about what’s really going on in IT departments wrestling with outsourcing

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Topics: SDN, Networking, IT outsourcing, Proffesional Services, Networks, Managed Services, CTO

Alistair Slocombe

Amazon, the rise of Digital in Retail and what this means for your Networks

by Alistair Slocombe

on Nov 21, 2017 2:37:00 PM

Retailers believed that the trend for consumers buying at Amazon during the financial crash was a blip and that those shoppers would return. They haven’t, quite the opposite actually.

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Topics: SD-WAN, Software Defined Network, Software-Defined Enterprise, Networking, MPLS, Retail, wide area networks

Steve McGarry

Why there’s never been a better time to adopt Hyper-converged Infrastructure

by Steve McGarry

on Oct 13, 2017 1:47:13 PM

We’re in an age where new competing technologies and architectures are constantly challenging the way we have delivered IT for years. We’ve all been exposed in some manner to “SDx” - Software Defined everything!

At Gyrocom we embrace the SDE (Software Defined Enterprise) and the associated benefits: vendor agnostic hardware and software driven intelligence. From the five key components that form the SDE (Compute, Networking, Storage, Automation & Management), my primary focus is on HCI (Hyper-converged Infrastructure) which is the consolidation of Compute and Storage into a single chassis.

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Topics: SDS, Software defined storage, SDDC, software defined data centre, VMWare, Hyper-converged infrastructure, HCI, intel, vSAN

Darren Ashcroft

Why Neymar should have gone to VMworld!

by Darren Ashcroft

on Sep 19, 2017 10:31:54 AM

There are many reasons why I enjoy going to VMworld Europe in Barcelona and this year was no exception: the weather was warm and sunny; I discovered new gems like a quaint tapas bar hidden down the side streets of the Old Town; wound down post-conference with a glass of Rioja in a beautiful plaza surrounding Las Ramblas; watched a football match at the incomparable Camp Nou alongside the excitable locals; sang along at the Kaiser Chiefs' roof-lifting finale, and rocked the Veeam party of course!
However, what I also like is to do is take the time to soak up the new ideas, new technologies, and industry trends that are currently occupying the minds of some of the IT industry's experts and visionaries. Then mull this information over with colleagues, customers, and peers to frame how and when these could translate into your own business plan and strategy. 
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Topics: VMWare NSX, VMWare, Micro-Segmentation, Cyber Security, Hybrid cloud, Application mobility, VMworld2017, AWS

Alistair Slocombe

Why Hospitality is "checking-out"​ SD-WAN for great service

by Alistair Slocombe

on Mar 7, 2017 12:29:31 PM

'I beg your pardon?" Another Basil Fawlty communication issue (Fawlty Towers)

I travel, and I stay in a lot of hotels and every one of those has been better than Fawlty Towers. 

However, when booking for the week away, one of the websites that I use, aside from Tripadvisor, is “HotelWifiTest.com”.


Because once I’ve slung my bags down onto the hotel bed, I am no longer satisfied with being subject to a broadcast schedule and T.V. controller, I hate to admit it, but I have become one of the “I want it, and I want it now” Millennials (albeit I am far too old to actually be one).  I could be watching anything from The Walking Dead to Parks & Recreation to YouTube’s latest IT Infrastructure doodle video; no matter what it is, one thing is for certain…I have no time or patience for buffering! I thought “buffering” had been consigned to the past along with dial up modems and AOL.  

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Topics: network, SDN, SD-WAN

Alistair Slocombe

WWWAN - Why the Enterprise is moving away from MPLS

by Alistair Slocombe

on Mar 1, 2017 11:11:35 AM

“We didn't get any messages, and Captain Blackadder definitely did not shoot that delicious plump-breasted pigeon." – Lieutenant George to General Melchett and Captain Darling

In the series “Blackadder goes Forth”, set in the trenches of WW1, Edmund Blackadder avoids multiple types of messages for the company to “go over the top”. These messages come in the form of a telegram (addressed to “Catpain Blackudder”), telephone (the wrong number and latterly, a very poor connection), and a carrier pigeon (General Melchett’s beloved Speckled Jim). 

Businesses today are faced with communication problems similar to that of General Melchett:

  • Visibility – How does the Enterprise know whether their network is performing as it should to support their applications?
  • Performance – How does it ensure that it gives its applications the quality of bandwidth they need?
  • Choice – How can a business achieve the necessary flexibility to choose its connection method?
  • Cost – OK, the analogy falls down here although the death of Speckled Jim came at great emotional cost to General Melchett. Regardless, how can businesses maximise network performance in a cost efficient way?
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Topics: SDN, SD-WAN, Software Defined Network

Alistair Slocombe

AWS & VMware: Why You Can Have it All Now

by Alistair Slocombe

on Oct 21, 2016 2:43:46 PM

Sometimes it’s easy to miss something that is actually right in front of you.

At least that’s what it was like for my colleague (who’s going to remain nameless..!).

He’d attended the keynote at VMworld in Barcelona and was in the VMVillage. In his defence, I think he was a little distracted, presumably he was thinking how great the partnership between AWS and VMware would be for some of our customers. Anyway, he was going to meet me outside in one of the bustling gardens, he spots my table, and quickens his pace, until, that is, he walks full tilt, face-first into the glass wall separating him and I.

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Ella Osiyemi

Why the New Generation of Data Centre requires Next Generation Security

by Ella Osiyemi

on Oct 14, 2016 1:43:42 PM

Cybercrime is perhaps the most serious threat to businesses today, yet many executives still underestimate the risk that it poses to their organisation.

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Topics: SDN, VMWare NSX, Network Virtualisation, Network Security, Information Security, Cyber Security